Due to the flood damage to Castle Lodge, Manna House has temporarily relocated to the United Reformed Church in Kendal. Please read on for a full update on our services and plans for the coming weeks…

Thank you so very much for all the energetic and heartwarming offers of help, love and support for Manna House.  If you have been a flood victim yourself, you know how much it means to have a community behind you.

Volunteers made quick work of gutting the ground floor and removing all the debris to skips and in vans.  The upstairs remains a storehouse for food and clothing donations, as well as a meeting room and  an office.  What we have left downstairs is a smelly and dirty floor – but who knew we had such gorgeous black and red tiles in the meeting room?  Sadly, we may never use them.  Here’s the latest….

Through December and for the foreseeable future, Manna House will be delivering most services at the URC.  This is a typical weekly schedule for your reference:

There will be no Drop In on Tuesdays, but our Wednesdays at the URC through December and for the foreseeable future, will be extended to include a Drop In lunch and advice and guidance sessions.  

  • Mondays: the Women’s Group, Sew What? (10.30 – 12.30pm), and the Men’s group (1.30 – 2.30pm) will both still take place at Castle Lodge, only upstairs in the blue training room.
  • Tuesdays: we will be closed
  • Wednesdays: Regularly scheduled Skills Café – Wednesday Workshops (10am – 12noon), PLUS the Rescheduled Drop-In service (11 – 2pm), with teas and coffees, a hot meal and information and advice sessions, PLUS gardening and crafts until 3pm will be at the URC “Back Hall”
  • Thursdays: Service closed, as usual.
  • Fridays: Regular Drop-In service (11 – 2pm), with teas and coffees, prayers, a hot meal and information and advice sessions will be at the URC “Back Hall”

Here are some things you should know about the URC:

  • There is no parking there.  Can you share a lift together with someone else?  Can you walk?  Can you take the bus?  If you need a lift from somewhere, please get in touch with me via return email.  We don’t want anyone to miss out on being with us!
  • There is a wheelchair accessible ramp and a smooth wheel around to the back hall from where we will be operating.
  • We aren’t yet sure how much of our stuff we can leave in the URC, so Friday (tomorrow), Tuesday and Wednesday (15th and 16th) regular volunteers are asked, just for the coming week, to meet first at Castle Lodge at 9.30am, to get supplies.  We’ll all go over to the URC together thereafter.
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