Learning Kitchen

Cooking is all about people. Food has the power to bring everyone together—no matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people gather in groups to eat.


Our ethos in the Learning Kitchen is that lunchtime can be a lesson, with emotional and physical wellbeing being the primary aim. Those who come together to donate the food, prepare the food, share and eat the food are nourished in lots of different ways.

Good nutrition is like a bank account of sorts—we are investing in a healthy future when we eat well and make the right choices. With this in mind, we are aiming for the kitchen to be the hub of the house, where everyone is welcome to lend a hand, try something new and share a healthy meal. Culinary skills, literacy, numeracy, geography, ecology, chemistry, biology and more are all on offer as part of the process, and raising the self esteem of participants is a happy by product of kitchen achievements.

The provision of good food of course hinges on our many friends and donors throughout the local community. We are so fortunate that they share their bounty with us!

Why not join us? Email clare@manna-house.org.uk or nela@manna-house.org.uk to find out how.