We are thrilled to announce that Neil Ralph has stepped up at short notice to take over as Lead Volunteer on our 3-day visit to Rydal Hall this Christmas. Neil is a lecturer at Lancaster University, where he has worked in the housing sector and across the hospice movement. Neil has many years’ experience running residential events for young people in the outdoors and believes that reconnecting with nature is key to our wellbeing. He says: “I am delighted to be working with Manna House to continue the great work of the Winter Shelter project by providing a real family Christmas for their clients and volunteers.”

Thank you to everyone who helped us get the word out about the need for a new Lead, in the local media and through your personal networks.

The Getaway takes place while the Winter Shelter is closed – from Sunday 24 December until Wednesday 27 December and we still have a few places remaining. If you know someone who is homeless or vulnerably housed this Christmas, and has not already connected with us at Manna House, please get in touch. Contact lois@manna-house.org.uk for more details.

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