The winter shelter is an initiative organised by Manna House using a ‘Housing Justice’ model of shelter – utilising lots of different church buildings to offer accommodation to homeless people during the winter months.

We started in response to concerns over people sleeping rough during the coldest time of the year in our area. We can offer up to 10 beds per night, a hot meal and some supportive company.

This year 6 church buildings are coming together to offer accommodation for 7 nights of the week between the 1st December and the 28th February.

Manna House coordinates the shelter by training and equipping the volunteers who man it and by assessing potential guests and booking them in from Manna House.

We run by the generosity of people donating money, food and time to our shelter- if you could donate, please go to, many thanks.

Need to book someone in to the shelter?

If you are a professional working in this field or a concerned member of the public here is our referral and booking process:

Guests will only be able to access the shelter though Manna House (off Aynam road in Kendal). Guests must present to Manna House between 9:00 am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday to book in. There is an on call response between 2:00 and 4:00 during the weekend, that number will be on the door of Manna House.

We cannot book in guests after 4:00, if you have someone who needs a bed that night and its after 4:00, we unfortunately cannot take them that night, however they can come the following day to Manna House (and call the number on the door if the weekend) to have an assessment and be booked in.

Any questions please call Penny on 01539 725534.

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