The Random & Remarkable Jumble Sale was a triumph of gathering up what someone else has spilled! Thanks are due all the Manna House staff, clients and volunteers who haggled for hours with a steady stream of eager and lucky bargain hunters, as well as made and served gorgeous refreshments. And the Sale did just what we needed it to… Strange mechanical unknown – gone.  Puzzles – gone. Mega amounts of shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and shower gel – gone. Candles – gone. Tea cosy – gone. Strange canvasses of people we don’t recognise – gone. Box of LPs – gone.

But we know that some of the things we have been so generously given are worth a little more, so if you’re interested in the unusual, make sure you put the next opportunity in your diary – the Annual Manna House Christmas Auction, this year on Friday 24 November at the United Reformed Church, Kendal. We’ll be open for viewing from 6.30pm, with a £3 entrance fee.

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