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"Manna House works for the benefit of the public in South Lakeland, providing advice, advocacy and a drop-in support centre for those who are homeless, vulnerably housed, lonely or needing help."


Homespun is a new Social Enterprise based at Manna House.

“Working together to create a lasting and successful ethical ecological fashion and textiles brand, whose aim is to provide business, design and manufacture skills, opportunities, learning and meaningful work for vulnerable and homeless people in Kendal.”

The working facets that drive the business will be tailored to individual needs providing a platform to help build confidence, selfesteem, and to create purposeful work.

Our workshop will be re-using textiles and yarns in a colourful and beautiful environment, encouraging and discovering the value of creativity and individuality within a business.
Our start-up is lottery and grant funded. The five year plan…

  • Aims to provide full and part time paid positions and learning and skills development opportunities within both the business and the manna-facture sides of Homespun in Kendal.
  • Will supply unique, beautiful and useful goods to quality high-end retail outlets nationwide.
  • Quantities of unused textiles and yarns will be constantly salvaged and given a new and useful life.
  • Create a financially self sustaining business.
  • A successful business model can then be transferred to other towns and will benefit in similar ways.

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