Manna House

"Manna House works for the benefit of the public in South Lakeland, providing advice, advocacy and a drop-in support centre for those who are homeless, vulnerably housed, lonely or needing help."

At this week’s session we were rolling out white clay  into letters spelling out ‘Wind’ and ‘Sun’ to go on our Christmas tree in the Parish church in December. Janet, our pottery pal, took our work away to be fired. […]

This week at the Skills Café we were working on the theme of The Wind and the Sun, an Aeosop’s fable, where the wind and the sun have a competition to see who is most powerful. Their challenge is to […]

At Manna House, October is Winter Shelter Volunteer Recruitment month. We have a great team of experienced volunteers from the past 3 years but it really is the more the merrier for this project. And we’re aiming to get 30 more […]